Omega Thunder on days off?

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    Omega Thunder on days off?

    Dont know if this was discussed or not, but would I still need to take Thunder on non-workout days. From reading about it, I would assume not, but just wanted to double check.

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    bump on this.

  3. Yes, you do need to take it on days off.

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    sweet thanks.

  5. Thunder is a CEE product with other ingredients and as any creatine product it's better to take it on a daily basis. Now if you want to take it just on work out days (in case you want to avoid taiking all the other ingredients on off days) then I would suggest to take another creatine product on off days.

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    Considering CEE doesn't require a "loading" phase (unlike creatine-mono), I guess this would imply that it is not necessary to take CEE during off days. However, it seems like every time this question gets asked, everyone advises to "continue taking CEE during off days."

    I was able to only find 1 person who said that a half-dose is sufficient for the "off" days, but like I mentioned earlier, everyone else says to continue taking the full dose.

    However, if that's a picture of you next to your screen name, then here's my response: Do whatever you've already been doin, 'cause you look ****in YOKED! Keep it up, brutha!

  7. I forgot to add one more thing, in case anyone didn't already know this about Cre-Ethyl Thunder....

    I recently realized that it contains 112mg of "methylxanthines." Apparently, caffeine is a methylxanthine.

    This could explain why I sometimes sleep poorly when taking Thunder along with Thermal Rage. (Thermal Rage contains 250mg of caffeine.)

    I've also heard some say that large amounts of caffeine (whatever that is) can counteract the effects of creatine.

    Therefore, to play it safe, I'm only going to use generic CEE (eg, BN's CEE-HCl) whenever I'm also supplementing w/ Thermal Rage.


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