CLA and interference with EFAs??

  1. CLA and interference with EFAs??

    I just order a couple thousand CLA caps. Was going to add to green tea and alcar to kick off the anarchy stack I have read so much about........I just now noticed a few posts that mentioned abdominal bloating and absorbiton of EFA issues while taking CLA. Doh!!

    so can one take the two together? does it need to be rotated? If so is everyother day good? I tried to search but when using three letter terms its tough. The positives of my EFAs is important but sure would like to add cla (lol especially now that I own a couple thousand grams)

  2. meh, i am in the same boat.. i have a couple of thousand of CLA caps.. but i dont know when to add them in.. some people say split it up .. take one form in the AM and PM and the other midday...

  3. /bump....anyone have any other feedback? It would be appreciated. I am mid cycle and dont want to hurt my utilization of EFAs but would love to add CLA to keep the bellyfat in check.

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