revolt/prostanzonol/orastan-e/methyl 1-p

  1. Question revolt/prostanzonol/orastan-e/methyl 1-p

    Are all these the same thing basically? The price difference varies greatly, especally with prostanzonol.
    Prostanzonol is also the only one that claimes to compare to Winstrol.
    Are there any differences?

  2. revolt is the same compound found in MAX LMG. prostanazol / oranstan-e are exactly the same thing. Methyl 1-P is an kinda obscure compound, do a search over bodybuilding to get more info... But bottom line is don't try it, it appears to be crap

  3. Cool

    Guess Im just confused at how they all seem so different when the main ingredients in all of them are the same....

  4. prostanozol / orastan-e: [3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta-tetrahydropyranol (non methylated stanazolol)
    max lmg / revolt : 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one (methoxydienone)
    M1P : 17-hydroxy-6-alpha methyl-ethyletiochalon-3,20 dione (??)

    like I said above they are all different compounds, hope now it's clear
  5. Wink

    I guess the only good feedback so far has been from Prostanzonol.....Maybe I'll run a cycle after my pct.

  6. after your pct?? no break?

  7. how long pct ya running and what was your last cycle?

  8. last cycle was m5aa 80mgs for 3 weeks followed by SD 30mgs for 3 weeks of which I have been on for a week.
    I will take a break after PCT for a week or two, then back on.
    Some will feel I should break longer, other would say stay on cycle for 12 weeks straight.
    My liver gets checked every 2 months as well as my test levels. I also monitor my BP regularly.
    This regime works for me while it may not for others.

  9. what kind of PCT? ALso in your avatar is that you and what were your stats there compared to now with this cycle mentioned above. Thanks.

    BTW, everyone has an opinion, which is good, most are just looking out for each other, which is also good.

  10. I agree, we all need to look out for each other!
    That is me in my avatar and I was around 6-7% BF.
    Right now my Bf seems to be rising being on SD. Im not that impressed so far, but its only been a week. Thinking of running Airmidex with it. It's not suppose to convert to estogen but I swear it feels like it is! (dont know my exact BF right now BTW...guess around 9-10%.) Put on about 5 lbs of muscle but its soft and bloated a D-bol look toned down alittle.
    M5aa is my favorite prohormone so far. Nice LEAN gains!!! Too bad for the ban!

  11. Height, weught? long did you run the M5AA?


  12. could you post some of you test results when you get them? also I would wait a little longer in between cycles also.

  13. Test was 600 prior to the cycle, I'll test it again when I go off.
    I ran the M5aa for 3 weeks, Switched to SD 8 days ago and will run for a total of 3 weeks.
    My weight was around 185 prior to the cycle, Im around 192 now, put on about 2% body fat
    This has just been since the SD. My diet has not changed much, maybe increased calories alitltle but so far Im not impressed with SD and HAVE NOT noticed ANY diretic effect. Holding water if anything. Weird!!!!
    Going to add t3 I think and run it through my pct with Retain and Activate I belive....still not decided.
    I will also run some nolva or RXT.


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