Brewer's Yeast for appetite

  1. Brewer's Yeast for appetite

    Hey guys,

    how effective is Brewer's Yeast as an appetite stimulant? I have read about its all around benefits and I was wondering about the appetite benefits.

  2. I assume the appetite stimulation you've read about is from all the B vitamins it contains.

    Personally, I've never noticed appetite increase from it, but I think it tastes pretty nasty so I haven't had much of it.

  3. Yeah that is what I thought as well. As for the taste, I was planning on capping it or buying it in pill form.

  4. Brewers yeast is pretty cool. Definitely something to look into for like a non-caffeine energy boost. I had an old bottle sitting around and just started taking it again yesterday. So far it's curious, I seem to remember good results from consistent use in the past. Will update on appetite. I certainly have eaten healthier last couple days, but I don't know if that's because I stopped taking my diet pills or it's the brewers yeast working.

    Too soon to tell, but already feeling a healthy sort of boost.

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