X Factor by Molecular Nutrition. Have you seen this yet?

  1. X Factor by Molecular Nutrition. Have you seen this yet?

    Im interested!

    ============================== ==


    I haven't released info publically yet, but will any day now. I can say:

    It is NOT a prohormone or PROSTEROID, but a TOTALLY NEW concept in sports nutrition. There is not even really a category for this type of supplement. The closest would be "Non-Steroidal Anabolic", but it would be more appropriate to call it a "Workout Intensity Amplification Supplement" or something.

    No; stop thinking CNS Stimulant. Much, much better.....

    .....Then this will confuse you even more... You workouts will not be any more intense by your estimation when taking X-Factor (no extra energy or aggression), however they will be much more productive...

    The supplement increases the physiological response to training, such that you are benefiting as if you had trained with a higher workout volume...

    BIG STUFF!! I'll spill the beans soon... Sit tight...

    Par Deus:

    This will be a very good product, if he does it right.

    ============================== ============

  2. yeah, is that as much as has been released about it yet? just that little snippet is all I've seen... deeply curious

  3. Well, it sounds like Par agrees that it could be quite a breakthrough. Sounds like we will know more soon.

  4. Originally posted by windwords7
    Well, it sounds like Par agrees that it could be quite a breakthrough. Sounds like we will know more soon.

    Can't wait. Sounds pretty sweet....

  5. Where did you read this?

  6. They love to hype **** up. Bill also said that the supp in question will:
    "Originally posted by buffjerseyguy
    do you mean if i squat 355 for 10 reps its will really be like i did it for 20?

    Yes, definitely something along these lines!!"

    Although that sounds awesome, it also sounds kinda hoaky. I guess we'll just have to see what it is.

  7. guess we'll see, but I have to say... the guy just lumped out a "PM Protein" for crazy price per lb, so yea we'll see...

  8. For sure YJ, it may be total crap, although if it is I think it will end his company.

  9. LoL.. .I have yet to post in this thread brother, Pogue and I are sporting the Anarchy Logo's

  10. Sorry dude! Your right the symbol threw me! Pouge, I agree.

  11. yeah that **** is misleading, I've done that numerous times since they adopted similar avatar's


  12. YJ had it first, then he took it off, so I found a similar one and photoshoped it. then he brought his back. Maybe I'll make a new one, but I'm busy with homework for now. I saw another one that was perfect for YJ though

    Although its a little big, its the "anarchy bee"

    <img src="http://flag.blackened.net/liberty/archive/anarchy-bee.gif">

  13. What bill stated about this product is that it is designed to increase the response to exercise. Even though you may not have benched 225 for 25 reps, you're body will respond as though it has. It sounds promising as even Par Deus is speaking favourably of this product. Just hope its not another "russian secret" like ecdysterone of methoxyisoflavone...lol.

  14. Hmmm.....like the Supplement form of Cheque Drops?

  15. check out www.fitnessone.com on the left side it has all about the new product, X Factor. pretty interesting, but im still somewhat skeptical .... im thinking this could be a good base for things to come.

  16. The link does not work Dez!!

  17. "Originally posted by buffjerseyguy
    do you mean if i squat 355 for 10 reps its will really be like i did it for 20?

    Yes, definitely something along these lines!!"
    SO what exactly does it mean that your body would respond like you lifted more?
    Will you be able to actually lift the higher amount next time?
    Will you burn calories equal to the extra 10 reps?
    Maybe this sup will just make your really sore for no reason...

    I'm slow so maybe I am missing other options to responding like you lifted more.

    I look at it like this say I squat 300 lb for reps, my friend squats 450 for reps. How does our body respond, next time I can do say 310, he can do 460, simplistic i know but humor me.

    I could se this being realistic if it would let you respond like doing 11 or 12 reps instead of 10, somewhat like creatine will give you that extra bit of juice, but 10 reps seems like a fairy tale.

  18. Press Release about the X-Factor
    Attached Images Attached Images

  19. *cough, cough BIOTEST, cough cough*

    Sorry, that press reslease is just a BIT over the top, you would think he discovered Dbol or something

  20. LMAO WD. I know, hopefully people will be able to see that.

  21. Oh you guys are too pesemistic!

    Why can't you believe that this is going to add 10 reps to all your lifts every week!

  22. Well ralph4u2c I looked at the link and the product's ingredient is "Arachidonic Acid"

  23. Arachidonic acid
    Chapter: 2
    The substrate from which eicosanoids, e.g., prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and numerous other mediators, are produced. AA is produced from membrane phospholipids and fatty acids through the effects of various phospholipases. AA is not stored in cells; however, it can be produced and metabolized into mediators very rapidly.

  24. So I see the reasons to take it for its prostaglandin precursing effects (PGF2a) but William says thats not the main reason... I don't understand the pathways of how arachidonic acid increases protein synthesis or whatever its supposed to do?

  25. ya, the link i gave is the same thing as the pdf WW7 posted. I will probably try this product out after the summer. Hopefully by then, more reviews and products will have come out similar to X Factor.

  26. 11 year bump to lol at all the skeptics

  27. Haha huge bump. It's crazy to see how much public perception has changed over the past decade.

    Thanks to all of those who have supported Bill, MN and X-Factor over the years!
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
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