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    One thing mroe, they also cause a mild amount of water retention creating more of an anabolic environment.
    what if were cutting would i loose benefits because im loosing water or should i drink more water?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

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  3. For anyone interested in liver tabs, we've got a lively thread goin' on over here: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/suppl...iver-tabs.html

    Old school don't mean obsolete.

  4. i noiced alot of people here are using uni-liver (inexpensive). i havent gone that route becaue of the high calcium content. ive heard of the old timers taking 100 liver pills a day, which would translate into about 30 of a bigger liver pill like beverly international ultra-40. anyway, if i were to take only 15 uni-liver tabs, thats a gram and a half of a low-grade calcium (carbonate) which, aside from being an antacid (stomach acid neutralizer that would otherwise be used for proper digestion of nutrients) could lead to other problems like gas and kidney stones. i ordered on called "tried and true" liver because its ceo refuted the practice of adding additives to pretend there is more liver in the pill than there is. also, i like the fact that, unlike with beverly international, he didnt add supplemental b12 (cyanacobalamin) to the mix, but let it be. i ordered beverly international as well, but i havent tried it yet. i did not order uni-liver because, aside from the above things i dont like about it, i read a very logical and thorough review where this guy called "trance" put bev international, nature's way, and uni-liver in a solution of acidity and water matching that of stomach acid. he did this because he said uni-liver failed to produce the same athletic effects by a long shot, and he wanted to know why; he found the uni-liver tabs never dissolved. some dissolved in 2 minutes, but uni-tabs didnt after 2 hours. now this isnt exact science, but i put it all together with the amazingly low price tag and it all just comes together.

    i would like to say a word about different vitamin forms, ie a whole food vitamin verses a sysnthetic or isolated compound. the reason why we have 15,000% daily value portions given with common b vitamins is because they are very poorly utilized and the hope is if we take this huge amount, the tiny ratio that will work will grow. the practical problem with this method lies in the bodies rejection of large doses litering the bloodstream; people who take alot of these b complexes end up urinating alot more to rid the excess of useless material, and in the process, more nutrients are lost. further, most b complexes are not coenzymated, meaning that they are useless unless the body can scrounge up enough material to coenzymate but a portion of them. i imagine this resourcefulness is diminished with ongoing use of the huge portion of useless crap found in the typical b-complex. that said, there are alternatives; there are sublingual coenzymated b complexes out there, which deliver an effective dose and there are wholefood complexes, like megafood b complex, which is similar to food. while i liked these forms, i found they gave me an immediate effect that didnt compare to an effect i got from the b's found in beef liver; the reasoning is that food b's will end up having a sustained release effect, and we dont get too much in our bloodstream at once, so we can use it all. ive used tons of the highest quality b complexes, but liver tabs take the cake; they just dont affect me like the food matrix can. its my belief that liver is so amazing because it builds blood, where are other methods really suck, and i say that about the best alternatives, including proferrin (heme iron supplement) albion iron (specialized chelate patent) combined with any coenzyme b12 and methylfolate out there. the addition of p-450, a super anti-toxin and apparent growth factor, makes it better. ianyway, its been well proven that a tiny bit of vitamin c from food is 50 times more potent than supplemental c because of all the cofactors that assist in the absorption and delivery of the vitamin. typical b vitamins are tar derivitives my friends; theres just no comparison.

    i would also like to say that paba is extremely beneficial to people who need it. any search under "benefits of paba" will display its function in ALL vital and metabolic functions. ive seen people's gray hair turn black from taking large amounts over time

    ive also noticed some strange inconsistancies from one liver-tab brand to the another; for example, solgar dessicated liver has a vitamin A content far below what liver contains, whereas natures way has over double the iron the others claim to. i can only wonder about the varience in how the rest of the products undisclosed nutrients are cut; i asked, and they claim not to know, or they cant be reached. i saw a label for beverly international claiming it had 20mg of b5. if thats accurate, im very impressed because b5 is one of those nutrients they dont add to cereal ect (bad tasting, synthetic has side-effects) and it alone is highly underrated in its ability to stimulate adrenaline and the endocrine system and turn fat into energy. its one of those nutrients that can get deficient just from having an argument with someone (adrenaline). i personally would take liver tabs for that b5 alone. anyway, im started tried and true liver on a low dose (4x of 3000mg a day) but im going for 20 a day. some gas, very occasional. i heard someone claim the gas is from freeze drying liver but i dont have any knowledge past the heresay. another reason may have to do with intestinal bacteria's foundness for iron, and the subsequent gas they produce when they get a bite of something.

  5. Ive been using Uni-liver on and off for about 3 years. I saw the movie Pumping iron when it was re-released and saw Lou taking em. They work.

  6. anybody out there taking megadoses of liver (ie 20 times 3000mg)? ive attempted to do this with a liver from "tried and true". but unlike some liver supplements, this one has a very bitter/uneatable taste if chewed, which i found intrigueing initially. anyway, ive determined that after a few days that i'm overdosing on copper, as evidenced by the joint pain and slight sore throat, neither of whihc i ever get and both of which indicate depleted sulfer from high copper. 6 tabs a day could have up to 1200% rda of copper, but i believe some brands out there will naturally contain less. the owner of tried and true doesnt know any levels for his product, but ive seen great variations in mineral content from one brand to another. im guessing the unusually bitter taste is my body telling me theres too much of something i dont need, so im going to try beverly international.

  7. ok. i checked with beverly int. they said no way high copper in these; they said it would take like 80 tabs to get to 200% copper. im attributing my symptoms to the resulting intolerance ive discovered to liver tabs due, in my case to either their compacted nature or their concentration/extracted nature from pure liver. i say this because i started taking a product called now liver powder, which is not defatted and is only altered in the sense that its been dried and i havent gotten any gas or g i probs from it, even at 60grams a day. ive believe the now is less potent than the tablets out there; its not bitter at all and i notice positive effects only at higher servings, but i think the potency is what messed me up since i tried chewing the tablets and found that didnt work. anyway, i guess my point is that these tablets all seem to have their own cut, even though nobody's listing everything. for example, this now only has 3% iron in 10grams, where natures life has over 150% in the same amount


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