is this a good price on r-ala?

  1. is this a good price on r-ala?

    a bro says he can get r-ala at 100g for 240$ AF xharges 430 for awating for his response to the brand.sounds too good to be true or do you guys get it for cheaper?


  2. hmmm...the cheapest I know of in terms of retail is Mike's ( is 19.95 for 100 100 mg. caplets, which is 10 grams, so 1.995 per gram....if you bought a hundred grams worth (10 bottles), it would be 199.50....and Mike has discounts on over 5 bottles, so it would actually run you $18 x 10 = $180...

    So 100 grams for $240 is overpriced

  3. If anyone wants a good deal on supps like R-ala and CLA you cant go past mike at 1fast400, he is the best. But i suggest you order atleast 10 bottles of either thing that way he will give you a good discount and if your nice enough and put in a price yourself but a reasonable price he will most probably accept...

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