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    I've done the ECA stack a few times now, usually no longer than a 3 week span w/ close to 4-6 months in between the next run of it. When I do take it, I may only take one dose in the mornings, sometimes taking a 2nd dose right around lunch. I'm too sensative to the stuff, so I've never taken a 3rd afternoon/evening dose.

    Lately, for the past month or so, I've been experiencing a shortness of breath quite a bit. Last night was the worst. I don't feel anxious/nervous about anything, so I don't know what it could be. I'm an industrial firefighter, & last week we had a call that totally taxed my system. I was on breathing air & was unable to catch my breath.

    Is it possible that the times that I have taken the Ephedrine that now my body has somewhat of a dependancy on it? This board has some very smart people, so I thought I'd check here before I actually go check w/ a Dr.

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    Is this an OTC ECA or a homemade stack? Ingredients?
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  3. Vasopro Ephedrine - 25mg

    SCI Caffiene - 200mg

    Walgreens Aspirin. - 300mg

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    The Vasopro is as follows: Ephedrine HCL 25mg/200mg Guaifenesin. It is actually a bronchial dialator (E-hcl) and an expectorant (Guaifenesin). This may be contributing to the symptoms you have discribe. I believe that while on, it may make you somewhat more efficient in the process of oxygen utilization and less so when not on. This is purely speculation.

    BTW: Drop the aspirin...it is outdated science and the only impact is to your stomach, negatively...JMO
    Look at all these little kids takin' care of the music biz don't their bus'ness take good care of me...

  5. I'd like to think I could just get more of the Vasopro & maintain, but I definitely don't want to make myself dependent upon it. But, at the same time, I'd like to try another shot at it (minus the aspirin, thanks for the info) & see what happens on the 1st week.

    I just find it hard to belive that I've become like this due to a couple of very short cycles of the stuff...


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