The No-Infuse stuff kinda stinks- and you have too use quite a bit on your for-arms and arms- Its kinda like a burning smell- and the dermasize at first gave me hives but recently the hives have not been a problem. But anyway- peolpe are saying the stuff makes me smell. like a burning scent. You have too use it like twice a day too- you got too be careful with this stuff if you smoke because its got ahlcohols in it- you could blaze up. its funny too because this stuff isnt working so great- you put on the no-infuse before your work-out to muscles being trained- and nothing really happens- maybe one extra vein pops out but thats it. and the dermasize I cant tell if its doing anything but make me stink. just letting you bros know incase you ever think about trying this stuff- i actually got it for free as samples from LG - thank god I didnt pay for this.