Increased muscle mass in 1 dose..

  1. Increased muscle mass in 1 dose..

    Whats the deal with superpump250

    seriously.. cuts bodyfat and gains muscle in just 1 dose..

  2. It looks like NO and they gave to the guys before they worked out so they were pumped up then they lose the size after the work out pump is gone.


    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  3. More Gaspari BS. I just love the b4 and after pics of this in the mags. Supposed to be from the same day but one guy has errings b4 none after, another guy has seem to grown a uni brow in the gym in on day. I mean come on get ur crap straight.

  4. "Effect of 1 dose of SuperPump 250™ on lean (muslce) mass."

    Always trust a company that doesn't proofread their outrageous claims.

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