Exact Syntrax Adipo Match?

  1. Exact Syntrax Adipo Match?

    I think its agreed that adipo was one of the more favored NYC's out there, well since its departure, I see a lot of threads popping of by people wanting to mimick the ingredients, thus the results. Now pardon my normally using other 'goodies' to cut with, but I know that adipo used caffeine, 1R, 2S Norephedrine hcl, Synephrine hcl and yohimbine hcl.... in what doses, I have since forgotten, but I found (I wont take full credit for it, I believe msclbldrguy is where I heard the name) this product contains the exact same ingredients, and at a decent price:

    Genpharm Adrenalin

    Anyone know anything I dont? (related to the topic at hand )

  2. Genapharm has more of everything, plus added synephrine. I'm looking into trying it since I don't have much TriCuts II left.

    From http://www.b-fit.com/synad.html:

    Each capsule provides:

    Caffeine: 90.00mg

    1R,2S Norephedrine HCL: 25.00mg

    Yohimbine HCL: 2.75mg

    Other Ingredients: Barley flour, gelatine, yellow #5, red #40, titanium dioxide.


  3. hmm... hey now! probably worth trying. I never got to use Adipo, might try this.

  4. Ive got 3 bottles on the way

  5. Maybe I should get these for my wife?? Good find YJ.

  6. Damn, ****in kilo hosed me!

  7. How did you get hosed exactly?

  8. Price. $85, I think for 360 caps. Lipo-dex by Gaspari.

    L-norehedrine 1R 2S 25mg
    caffeine 200mg
    Yohimbine HCL 2.75mg
    Aspirin 40mg
    L-Carnitine-tartrate 75mg

  9. I see. Ouch dude!

  10. 85?! yowza... yeah I'm not liking Kilo so much... hearing funny things about them as of late...

  11. $85?! Damn Scotty, hope you brought the lube with you that time

  12. Maybe $80, 4 bottles, 90 pills/bottle. Gaspari Lipo-dex, ust a weaker dosage, not as bad as I thought. Not too much sodomy

  13. I ordered some of the genapharm adrenalin, sounds good, I loved adipokinetix.

  14. Umm...did you order any by chance?

  15. Yea, you'ev posted it 4 times now brother..


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