superdrol & mdien?

  1. superdrol & mdien?

    these two were considered "milder" methyls if i remember right. i got mdien when it was first suggested that 2-3mg might be rediculously strong. time went by...doses climbed.
    i tried like 12mg/day & didn't see anything noticeable. i have a bunch left over, would these two work decent at all together? any objective thoughts appreciated.

  2. I was not impressed with cutting on sd. I was actually leaner when I used it as a bulker and gained 8lbs. I recently tried a mdien and pro cycle. liked it a lot but had to cut it short due to injury.

  3. yeah, i just started 2nd cycle of sd. up a few lbs already (day5) vascular for sure. i could have sworn i got kind of a "belly" last time. like i was retaining water there or something! thanks for the comments

  4. I know where cowtown is. wonder if its the same one.

  5. how many could there be? lol...



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