ZMA or zinc?

  1. ZMA or zinc?

    I just ordered the zinc. It's cheaper than ZMA and from what I keep hearing, it the Zinc in the ZMA that makes it work.

  2. uh, basically... with a sound diet/supplementation plan, the above and beyond zinc at the end of the day won't do much for you anyway IMO, unless you're severely deficient for some reason, or are hardcore cardio stressin athlete of some kind...

  3. i've stated my opinion about zinc, magn. supplements before. i think they're waste of money and your money (even though zinc alone is cheap) could be better spent on something else. Sage

  4. I think zinc is a good thing to take. Just get the cheapest. There have been some who say it works as an anti-e and boosts your test levels after a cycle. While taking too much zinc is very bad...most people really don't come close to this when they take into account absorbtion and such.

  5. I'm not a ZMA fan either, I've tried it many times hoping I would see some benefit. With sound vitamin and mineral intake (i.e multi's and liver tabs) I haven't seen anything from it, but in your case I guess just get the zinc if you think it will help.

  6. Ill agree that a lot of people don't need ZMA or zinc, but from personal experience eating at college I think it helps. It's hard to eat a lot of read meat where I am at, since the quality and leanness is something to be desired. While taking liver tabs have helped, I am not sure how much zinc they have and when you can buy a bottle of 150 pills for a fw bucks, its not a real question for me.

  7. Yeah, it was cheap so I snagged some.

  8. I have something to say, the kind of zing that is formulated in the ZMA bottles is not the same you can find OTC, that zinc is a patented product called zinc (apartate) unlike the OTC one which is called zinc gluconate, just wanted to let you guys know.


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