DHEA + Formestane = ???

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  1. Did anyone run logs with dhea? Im interested in Formeron and dhea

  2. Praise Jesus he's raised the thread! (Laugh damn it you know its funny)
    Why not zoidberg?

  3. Dermacrine/Formasurge=great combination.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Fastflight View Post
    the only thing in this stack to raise t-levels would be Formestane,due to its receptor binding activity and anti e properities.
    DHEA does nothing with xour test levels until you´re over 50 or so.
    Side effects of too little estrogen is a bad blood lipid profile,leaving you with cardio-vascular risks.
    That isn't necessarily true; not only because many below 50 already have low T but because the amount of it's production will vary throughout the day. DHEA can help increase the average level.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI View Post
    Oh, yea, I didn't even think about that, it converts to 4oht and should not be used off cycle.
    The conversion isn't enough to suppress natural test levels at even the beneficial dose to reduce estrogen. Also people better believe that transdermal DHEA has a definite effect on hormones but can be suppressive if used over 6 weeks. If I remember reading on another thread correctly when taken orally much of the DHEA converts to DHEA sulfate rendering it unusable.



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