In Defense of Ephedrine

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  1. Exactly Pzub, in the end its that it works for you!

  2. why can't modern medicine and holistic medicine just get along like they do in Germany and most of europe? probably because it doesn't cost much to rip a plant out of the ground....

  3. Ok, Not agreeing or disagreeing here but heres my only problem with that....

    Ok, Im a creatine non responder. So I buy some anyway, I gain 10lbs on my bench in 3 weeks, pretty good. All placebo right? Ok, heres where Science comes in. To each his own, somethings work for different people, creatine doesnt work for me, nor does glutamine. But some people swear by it. Science and studies are the golden standard. They set the mark for the general population, not just in bodybuilding. They provide physiological reasons as to WHY what works and what doesnt. People want to debate me in various things related to supplementation effectiveness, I provide countless studies, and I get in return "well it works for me". Well great, but things work differently for different people, I think we can all agree with that. So a study, backed with science provides information on how different supplements effect different people. Like the above studies.

    Science saves money. Surei t works for you, great, but you can make a generalization and say it will work for everyone? No, not if you have any intelligence or common sense.

  4. nice one P Zub

  5. I agree there too. I am huge believer in blending Eastern and Western Medicines.

  6. Originally posted by windwords7
    I agree there too. I am huge believer in blending Eastern and Western Medicines.

    I prefer Mexican and Portugal 'medicines'

  7. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    I prefer Mexican and Portugal 'medicines'
    Yeah...who would have thought that mexican "medicine" can used to treat every known ailment bodybuilders tend to get...

  8. YJ, thanks for getting the citations up. All I really meant is that if one is going to go through the work of searching pubmed and posting the articles (I do appreciate you giving the full abstract as well as author and contact information) then the citation is perhaps the most important single line. Pubmed will pull up alot of crap that never gets published in a real journal.

  9. is the medical bible!

  10. Bump of the century


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