CEE question......sorry!!!!

  1. CEE question......sorry!!!!

    not normally one for apologies but i'm going to start this thread with one as i have a CEE question that i just can't find on a search. been looking for about an hour!!!!

    is there anything i CAN'T take with CEE?

    i'm using Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Caffeine, Green Tea & Tribulus at the moment & was going to add the CEE next week. just mix it with the ALCAR together in some Diet-Cordial.

    i'm assuming it has the same rules as Creatine Mono but just wanna be sure.

    again apologies if this has been answered elsewhere


  2. You might not want to take it with caffeine. There is some evidence that they do not work well together.

  3. 1-You don't need to load with CEE
    2-You also don't need to take CEE with grape juice or whatever the simple carbs you would use with mono.
    3-You also don't need the normal rule of 5g of mono. With CEE, 2-3g is enough for a 230 lbs bodybuilder. On IM board, you may have heard of Inhuman or Massive G, there are about 300 lbs off season and take 5-6g dose of CEE.

    That's all that comes in my mind.

    EDIT : Oh yeah, dont take CEE with your postworkout, it will mess up the good chocolate taste. It taste so bad. IMO the best way to take it is drink some water, let the water rest in your mouth, take the 2-3g dose of CEE and chase it down with some more water. Fast and easy.

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