Anabolic Herbal Cycles (with what, wheatgrass PCT???)

  1. Anabolic Herbal Cycles (with what, wheatgrass PCT???)

    My new favorite supp. scam is these companies pimping underdosed herbal crap in various "stacks" (you know the cutting stack, the mass building stack, the contest stack, the ass-kicking stack...), and then flowing these AAS-like cycle charts for how you take like 6 pills of preparation #1 and 4 caps of preparation #2 for 4 weeks, then switch to these other formulas and "cycle off" with some other stuff, and so on.
    I mean, seriously!

    Then again, they quite obviously have a pretty good number of people buying in, 'cause they seem to be advertising all over hell, and apparently aren't losing money!.

    Well, knowledge is power, and thankfully those who partake in intelligent forums such as AM get the benefits of real info sharing as well as quality and legit manufacturers and distributors. Count your blessings, friends. And if you (like me) spend hard earned scrilla on supplements for your health, etc. at least you know it's the goods~

  2. i agree.. totally ridiculous.

    fizogen being a main offender

  3. some people buy stupid things like fizogen's mass cycle, which consists of "bulk-onslaught" and "mass-explode"

    cool names, not so cool product or price.

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