Thyroid hormone levels

  1. Thyroid hormone levels

    I dont really know where to post this, but since im about to start trimax (and eventually MP), i figured id post this here...

    anyways, several weeks back, the university varsity athletic trainer that works with me suggested I had my thyroid levels checked because in the 4 months of last semester I was unable to drop any noticeable amount of weight. My diet was good enough to lose weight (she evaluated it herself), and i was doing both intense cardio (sled dragging and ****) as well as circuit based workouts. I didnt get anywhere, so while she was bitching me out at the end of the semester she asked if there was any history of thyroid malfunction or diabetes in my family. since there was both, she said to get tested. (as a side note, i was tested several years back at the age of 16, and the doctor said i had "borderline low thyroid levels". He wanted to put me on thyroid meds, but said he couldnt because i was under 18 and it was too risky.)
    back to today, i got the results back a few weeks ago, and since i am still living at school over the summer, i wasnt able to get in for a re-visit to talk about the results. i basically just a piece of paper back saying what they were with no information otherwise. the new results were done by a different doctor than the ones i had done at the age of 16.
    i dont have the results here with me at school, but there was one i remember specifically because it seemed kind of suspicious. i dont quite remember the name of the test, but i think it was called FTI or something like that. anyways the "reference range" for this test was 4.0 to 11.0 (sorry dont remember the units, prolly ng/dl or something). my result was a 4.4, which seems suspiciously low.
    just as another side note, i wasnt dieting for at least 3-4 weeks before these tests, and followed all the instructions and crap etc, so i dont think i can chalk it up to any of that.
    The other numbers in the results were in the lower parts of the reference ranges too, though this one ive mentioned stuck out to me the most.
    The only time ive ever been able to lose weight was when ive used drugs (1-T/M4OHN, clen, ephedrine, etc), and after i had lost about 50-60 pounds, i stopped the drugs, stayed at maintenance or lower calories, and still plumped right back up.

    im just not understanding wtf is going on with me, and wondering if anyone has any input or advice. perhaps i should just schedule a meeting with the head doctor at the clinic i go to, and see what he thinks, but that will cost a lot of money (kinda in between health insurances right now...), and i dont want to do that unless it seems that i may actually have a thyroid issue.

    just as a last little part, i ordered some trimax and some MP, and will be starting soon. im wondering if having a low functioning thyroid will affect the effectiveness of these products and if dosage should be changed accordingly as well.

    any *constructive* input would be greatly appreciated


  2. Not familiar enough to say what those test results mean, but it does "sound" like you have classic hypothyroidism. I'd get it checked out, as the thyroid meds will pretty much take care of a lot of the wieght issues. Thyroid indirectly and directly effects pretty much every other system so it's quite unhealthy to try and ignore you'll feel better after you get your levels stabilized.

    I'd hold off on trimax or any AAS until you get this checked out.

    Make sure they do a full thyroid panel..TSH, T3, T3 uptake, T4. A lot of docs are clueless about thyroid issues so you might have to search a little to find one who can accurately interperet your results.

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