taurine question...

  1. taurine question...

    i have a lot of leftover taurine that i can't figure out what to do with.

    i just can't seem to figure out how to use it as an ergogenic aid.

    i'm really confused as to how what it is supposed to do. i have read that people use it to decrease painful pumps, but i have also heard others claim that it actually enhances the pump.

    so which one is it?

    also what is the best time and way to take it? pre-workout, post-workout, maybe stacked with some CEE or an NO product.



  2. i dunno bro, i would take it pre workout for an enegery/focus/pump booster. But i guess somebody else might know another use for it that i don't

  3. when i use CEE, i will stack with taurine. they are suppoed to work synergistically

    i also use it when running stimulants like ECA or clen.

  4. I take 2.5g's pre and post-workout. I have used upwards 15g's a day. I get better pumps and strength gain from taurine than I do with creatine mono.

    It also smooths out stimulants, so it is a great substance to use in conjection with pre-workout stims.

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