Is Trimax for me? Please help!

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    I've read somewhere that running t3 or triac on a 2 days on / 2 days off protocol gives equal results while suppressing the thyroid a LOT less... AND using half the product. Anyone with experience on this?
    In BTPB Rea advocate a 2days T3/2days triac for a month period.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ss01
    If one were to take this triac thing... Is it legally available? And , most importantly, how do you get your thyroid back up? 7oxo?
    No sadly Triac is not legally available, and unless you have some secret source with tons of the stuff stashed away, you probably aren't going to be able to get it either. I have searched high and low to buy some Trimax, and NO ONE carries it, and it has been discontinued. So, the only other way i could see about buying it is if a company sells it as a "research chemical."


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