t1 pro Versus Super one plus

  1. t1 pro Versus Super one plus

    I am currently use supe one plus for the first time once I am finished with it I plan on ordering 2 bottles of t1 pro
    I was wondering which one you all prefered ?

  2. Thats a funny question... Here is your answer.. T1-pro costs less has more 1-test in it. Its absorption in my opinion is better... Go for the t1-pro... Talk to ya..
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  3. heheh... well I prefer the super one + ... not. as curt said, there's really no comparison. get the cheaper, superior product.... (psst it aint avant gel)

  4. Thanks I found out about t1 pro after I had the super one plus but you can bet your last dollar it will be my first and last order of super one plus.

  5. Add some DMSO to it, might improve the absorbtion a bit. Atleast that's what I've done.



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