is NITRO-TECH necessary?

  1. is NITRO-TECH necessary?

    I've seen pretty good results with the combination of CELL-TECH and NITRO-TECH. But I was wondering if I discontinued NITRO-TECH and introduced another protein powder, will it make a difference in performance and/or results? can I still continue with a regular protein powder or should I stick with NITRO-TECH? I need some opinions. THANKZ.

  2. If you are being serious, I suggest you start reading A LOT before you ask this kind of question

  3. I would say DONT DO IT MAN! The Nitro-Tech and Cell-Tech work synergistically to give you an increase of 10000% more muscle.

    <-------Just look at my dog. He's on the stack right now!

  4. sorry i didn't really research on these types of products, but im glad you pointed it out. yes, i am new to the world of bodybuilding and i now realize this is not a well liked product. i was hoping to get some polite and helpful answers, instead i got a sarcastic remark. THANKS for making me look like a RETARD.

  5. Sorry, but I couldn't help it. Now you know not to waste your money on ANYTHING Muscletech puts out. More expensive and most hyped doesn't necessarily mean better. If you're just looking for your basic protein powder for a good price check out the board sponsors, more specifically All the Whey.

  6. yah.... i've been reading quite a bit of threads regarding muscletech products and it doesn't look too good. i'll definitely read before i'll post, a good lesson to learn.

  7. Cell Tech is cotton candy monohydrate; cheap hype. Nitro-Tech is a whey concentrate pig with lipstick on. Any criticism you receive here, tough as it may seem, will end up saving you $$$ as well as educating you.

  8. Get yourself some All The Whey, it's good stuff. I promise As far as creatine, I like plain monohydrate minus all the sugars, which get you one step further away from your goals.

  9. Its all good brother. The two products are popular, not because of their effectiveness but mainly due to marketing. Cell-tech is a standard mixture of creatine and dextrose, which is a good combination post-workout. It does contain small traces of ala, which is also a good product. But you can make your own batch or go with other creatin transport product with the same effective, and most likely, for a cheaper price. The nitro-tech is (imo), one of the better qualtiy whey protein source. But with that said, you can supplement any other quality protein powder and bump up your protein intake/day. Im not gonna bash MuscleTech's products b/c they do a good job in manufacturing products and its good quality, but dont necessary buy into the over-hype, just because they market the nitro-cell tech combo in every magazine and promo you see out there. So to asnwer you question.... YES, you can sub in any other protein powder


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