Joint/Tendon/Ligament RELIEF a BB DREAM!

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    Joint/Tendon/Ligament RELIEF a BB DREAM!

    CISSUS RX is currently on sale for $18! Yes, 180 500mg+ caps for $18. You buy 4 and get 1 free. The sale will end August 1! Experience Joint relief at a fraction of the cost. If you have pain or just need a natural anabolic that works or about to enter POST CYCLE therapy do yourself a favor and take a minimal $18 risk for a supplement that could relieve your training pain or help keep gains after a steroid cycle.


    CISSUS RX is easily becoming the best Natural supplement for Joint related Problems. The bodybuilders with overuse or abuse injuries on tendon, bone, ligament, cartilage and muscle strains has finally got an alternative that works. CISSUS RX is also a specific analgesic like OTC drugs like Tylenol, Motrin, and Alieve which are harmful when abused and do not help cure the problem.

    CISSUS RX is able to suppress cortisol by antagonizing the glucocorticoid receptor. CISSUS RX is also being used with Post cycle recovery to control elevated cortisol common when coming off steroids. Anabolic androgenic steroids are known to antagonize the gluccorticiod receptor contributing to its anabolic nature. We postulate that CISSUS ability to lower cortisol contributes to CISSUS anabolic qualities.

    If your interested in the science behind the product please visit What does the consumer really want? Real feedback and that’s what is provided below.

    CISSUS is on special for $18 with a buy 4 gets 1 free offer so please visit

    Thank you!

    [email protected]

  2. This stuff is a real godsend, as it has nearly cured me of pain from pre-existing elbow and knee injuries. At this price I encourage anyone to try it out who's experienced joint difficulties, it actually works!

  3. I don't see anything about it helping knee pain. I've read it may help with bone, ligament and tendon health but nothing about cartilage. My knee cartilage is screwed up, think it will help???
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    There is one member on here that used it for cartliage pain with his knees with great success.


  5. are you guys saying this stuff helps HEAL ligament/tendon damage......or does it just temporarily relieve the pain? I have some ligament/tendon damage in my ankles (from basketball) think it will help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tad50
    are you guys saying this stuff helps HEAL ligament/tendon damage......or does it just temporarily relieve the pain? I have some ligament/tendon damage in my ankles (from basketball) think it will help?
    Cissus is a specific analgesic, and we believe its also heals. Why? Since most bone fractures also damage bone ligament and cartliage, Cissus speads the healing process. we postulate it also helps liagement, tendon and cartliage heal. Those who stop using Cissus to early experience a rebirth in pain but the Pain is reduced from the previous condition. We do believe healing is taking place.


  7. any sides?

  8. I'm thinking that it's more just of an analgesic, but for myself that alone is worth the cost. As I introduced raloxifene into my supplement arsenal I've noticed a pronounced drying out effect of my joints, which cissus has been unable to counteract.
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    You may have different results while not using raloxifene. We do not claim Cissus blocks the side-effects for other drugs unless its cortisol related.


  10. Without going through fifteen different threads, anyone do a comparison to Omega Flex?


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