Cheap whey and fish oil!

  1. Cheap whey and fish oil!

    Just wanted to help out any bros low on bucks and in need of some cheap whey. Ive been going to Sam's Club and buying 6lbs of EAS whey for $20! Dont get the vanilla, tastes like ass. Chocolate is OK though, regardless, the price is unbeatable. There is 4 grams carbs and 1.5 grams saturated fat per serving and just seems to be full of lactose and whey concentrate as opposed to isolate. So its not the best quality, but for you college guys its a steal. Now that I have a good job, Im going to start getting everything, including my whey from nutraplanet. So if you want quality at an excellent price, see Stryder. Sam's Club also has fish oil really cheap, but upon further review, each capsule has more than half of the fat coming from saturated fat (pissed me off!). Still has some EPA and DHA though so I guess I'll keep taking until I run out.

  2. I have never really been a big fan of EAS products. They have an outlet here in Northern Colorado and they are always blowin' out their inventory at like super low prices, but even then I just can't work myself up to buy their products.

    Don't get me wrong, I am sure they are quality and what not, but their whey tastes like ass, all of the flavors. There are a few things in this world you can by cheap and in my opinion whey is not one of them. Budget, sure, but cheap, no.

    6lbs for 20 bucks isn't bad though, but I have to draw the line if it tastes like ass.

  3. Costco has pretty much the same deal. They sell Pro-Rated Whey at $20 for 6 lbs. but I never liked their taste. The fish oil gels are cheap, but I use a liquid form and take 1 tablespoon daily which translates into 13 pills.

  4. Definetly never said it was quality. Now that Ive got a good job, once this last jug runs out, it will be quality whey from here on out. But while I was still in school, this got me through. Just wanted to point it out to other college/broke bros. When it comes down to it, whey is whey.

  5. Problem with the fish olis from the clubs seems to be twofold; quantity of EPA/DHA and purity. You'll never find molecularly-distilled fish oil at the wholesale clubs. Mercury can be an issue.

  6. I've never tasted ass myself;and don't intend to. However, any vanilla concoction can easilly be modified by adding a little flavor extract, like more vanilla, maple,almond,mint,cinnaman or any others you may find in the grocery store spice isles, or even at a discount, or dollar store. It is also good if you try a spoon of peanut butter, or some fresh fruit, even preserves if they do not contain additional sugars, It cant be that bad if it grows naturally, can it?
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