What's better inj. B-12 or B-complex?

  1. What's better inj. B-12 or B-complex?

    What's better guys, injectable B-12 or B-complex?

    I keep seeing both offered everywhere....I'm wanting to give this a try so I can see if it helps with energy, appetite, and (as per bioman's suggestions) for allergy reduction.

    Is getting the complex worth it? And why..lol?

    I was thinking of trying out 1000mcg's EOD....and see how I do...any help here fellas? thx.

  2. I have used the complex and liked the appetite and energy boosting effects. Go with the vet grade stuff, its cheaper and easier to get then human grade.

  3. thx for the tip bud...but I just saw that IBE has their human grade B12 on sale for only $15!!!! lol, can't beat it.

    How much did you use bro? You think 1000mcg's EOD is good, or should I lowere/raise it some? thx.

  4. Sounds like a good dose to me

  5. I use the complex, so I used 1 cc 2x a week, but if I use just b12, 1000mcg eod is fine.

  6. great, thx again...I'm going back to college again in order to change professions...so the extra energy/appetite will help me out some.

  7. b12...thx for reminding me...i need to look into getting some

  8. I use the vet-grade complex also, 12 bucks for 250ml! But, that's a kick ass price for human grade. You could probably use 1ml EOD for a couple of weeks, but after that you could switch to 1 or 2 ml every week or two.

  9. cool, thx intv...I will try that out.


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