Glucophase XR

  1. Glucophase XR

    What type of results has anybody seen on this product??

    I am wanting to do a cutting cycle and was thinking of stacking it with Vasopro and Caffeine?? Any one have any feedback?

  2. Im using the stuff now on a quick cycle, with ergomax lmg. Im doing well now, leaning out quite a bit while increasing my weight as well. So the stack I would give a thumbs up. Cant really grade the glucophase on its own though. Let me suggest to you, to try another eca combo. Vasopro is really not all that.

  3. It's great - although i would say that.

    It's good for quickly clearing blood sugar before cardio to try and help burn an extra % fat during the exercise. It's good for getting back into ketosis ASAP after a carb load.

    It's also an excellent anti-oxidant.

    But what i personally think, and what others have also told me, is that it's basically an awesome patitioner. It will help keep what you eat more away from fat and more towards muscle. It is great for cutting and bulking. Or even lean recomping.
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  4. ^^

    r a l a is cheap hehe

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