non ephedra based fat loss products?

  1. non ephedra based fat loss products?

    we all know there are many out there.  Does anyone think any are worth anything? 


    I would probably think not, to use as a stand alone fat burner.

    Im talking about anything from gugglosterones (sp?), forskolin  etc.

    I want to come up with a good fatburning stack for myself by next week.  I will be starting my fina/4ad stack....well gonna kill my T-1pro first, then hit the fina...but I want to add something besides my ECA.....



  2. If you're using an ECA, it contains Ephedrine. Are you cutting on this stack? If you are, try cardio and a clean diet......seriously.

    (not trying to be a prick, thats the only way to word it)

  3. that what the E stands for?....damn

    diet is already clean..but i am not getting in enough meal/day. thats why I posted about MRP' s, i need to find a good one.

    cardio, definately going to do some HIT cardio, which is why i posted today about that also.

    but even when i was at my all time best, 5.5% bf, I still had some love handles, and slightly soft boobies around the nips...not hard like gyno or anything.

    but your right if my games on...then its on.

    but I still want some opinions on these other 2ndary fat burners.


  4. Like everyone around here says, the best MRP are those you make yourself. As for addititions to ECA you can try l-tyrosine, pretty cheap and either added to the ECA at around 500mg to 1000mg or by itself at 1.5 to 2g works well for me. Have an empty stomach for best results.

  5. SAN Tight!

    Check it out.

  6. Also try green tea extract at high doses. BAC sells a 4x extract thats real cheap and pretty good... just started ALC, we'll see on that.

  7. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    (not trying to be a prick, thats the only way to word it)
    What happened to the old YJ?

  8. Originally posted by RippedUp
    SAN Tight!

    Check it out.
    RippedUp, I did check it out. I'm going to start a new thread on this product to get some opinions, hopefully including a more detailed one from you.


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