your favorite MRP?

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  1. Originally posted by Lgoosey


    Cinnamon oatmeal..end of story
    its that Good huh?

  2. I love the Dorian Yates Pro MR shakes, they are really thick and taste amazing, but the price! I got some on sale at a Musclemag store, but now they are back to the regular price- $75 canadian for 20! Yeah right. I'm going to try the Lean Mass Matrix shakes after reading this thread.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, Dorian's MRP's are just as malto filled as the next company... I believe their ingredients are top notch from a quality standpoint and his ProPeptide protein is cool (tastes like ass, but who cares, good product IMO), but from an ingredients standpoint, things like SAN Infusion, Prolab Lean Mass Matrix, and VPX's (Micellean I believe?) seem to the the only real "creams" of the crop MRP wise, at least from everything I've looked at so far.

  4. Alright, everyone who has the HUGE avatars, please shrink them down to fit within the alloted space

  5. Gotta go with the Muscle Milk. I don't care about the fat in it. It's nice to not dread drinking an MRP.

  6. Originally posted by PoolMan
    Gotta go with the Muscle Milk. I don't care about the fat...
    Try malto

  7. My all time fav is Muscle Milk (cookies n cream). But for now, I have a Labrada Lean Body (chocolate peanut butter) in the morning and a Met-Rx (extreme chocolate) in the evening because the Met-Rx is so thick it fills me up to the point where I just don't want to eat any regular food which is good right now since I'm cutting.

  8. lol
    Hey wildman whats up

  9. Originally posted by Havok
    Hey wildman whats up
    not much bro whats up?

  10. LOL, Wild, fix it again.

  11. maybe ill make the Pic a little bigger you think?

  12. ill just get rid of It and find another one.


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