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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bigpump
    What exactly is it that you have been doing/using?
    Austin huh, was down there last weekend for the 4th. I had been using vitargo PWO with whey for about a month and a half. This week I switched over to the vitargo post, and whey 15 min later. Will update any changes, but I will say that so far, lower abs look a bit tighter and pumps a bit stronger, and stay pumped for quite a while after. On 2 of the days this past week I mixed 30 grams BCAAs (XTEND) and 1 scoop vitargo pre-wo, and got some wicked pumps (shoulder day and back day)

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Max32
    Austin huh, was down there last weekend for the 4th.
    Where at? I was out on Lake Travis.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Where at? I was out on Lake Travis.
    floated the Lupe on Sunday and hit up 4th/6th streets on Sat night

  4. Yea, I live in the University area. If you ever come back in let me know and then you'll have some real fun.

    I want to get my hands on some vitargo for use pre-workout with EAA. Good to hear the good results. Keep updating.


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