Lecithin, Sesathin, SesaLean... whats the big deal?

  1. Lecithin, Sesathin, SesaLean... whats the big deal?

    Can anyone give me a heads up on SesaThin and Sealean, and most importantly Lecithin, what good would I do adding Lecithin as a supplement in my diet. And also does ALCAR deplete lecithin?

  2. sure..... HEADS UPPP!!!!!


    actually if you go to avants home page. www.avantlabs.com they have really good write ups on both sesathin and sesalean...

  3. The SesaLean write-up explains a lot of the metabolic benefits of lecithin.

    And, of course, our SesaLean and SesaThin write-ups explain how they work/what they do.

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