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  1. It's the real deal. Stuff is very solid

  2. Where’d you get the 4-andro from them?

  3. Got it from AdvancedSupps.com those guys are great. they dont have it any longer

  4. Can anyone compare and contrast 3AD from the Epiandro and the rest ?

  5. Honestly i feel like epi, 3ad and androsterone all feel the same. I mean they do all convert to the same thing...

  6. False^

    Why do you guys keep calling it 3-Andro anyway?

    So much ignorance here, it converts to Dehydroandrosterone, or reconverts back to itself, which is Dehydroandrosterol. Please read more into the compound

  7. @netflixNchill: can you elaborate more on the differences? I am hearing they are similar and now I am wondering if epiandro and 3AD are good to pair together . Thanks!

  8. So is the consensus here that having a 4 Andro will not be necessary for a 1 Andro / EPi Andro / 3 AD cycle?

  9. I was never able to get a clear answer on that. Wether i should have 4ad when cutting or not.

    In the end i said **** it and added 2 bottles of androtest in my 8 week stack.... figured worst case ill put on a lil extra muscle lol.

    360 1andro
    375 4ad
    500 epi
    420 androsterone
    60 3ad

    Feels good. Not bloated.

  10. @benjamfzb: Is that your cycle now? That looks awesome! I am going to be getting more 3AD as I dont have enough to run it at 60mg

  11. Yeah, adding trenavar and msten at week 5. Usually id be bloated in my 3rd week with 4andro but seems well balanced. 500 cal deficit and my bodys tearing apart every nutrient and begging for more.

  12. Would 3ad be enough to combat lethargy on a 1ad cycle or would I need epi and 4ad?

  13. Great question @francisco. I was thinking the same thing. The strength on 1AD is insane but lethargy is no good for me with my training schedule. Want to combat that as much as possiblle

  14. Quote Originally Posted by francisco View Post
    Would 3ad be enough to combat lethargy on a 1ad cycle or would I need epi and 4ad?
    Maybe if you mega dosed it... just my opinion. Im just a newbie sharing opinion and experience not scientific facts.

    Im liking the 3ad alot i feel great but if i had to choose id go with 4ad. Especially androtest. ****s bomb compared to brutal4ce.

  15. How bout hair shedding?

  16. Im going to use Pur Hair shampoo and hopefully that helps.


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