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I recommended glycophase to a buddy who has been using it just like the label says, and he tells me that he is loving it.

I was planning on using it in the same way...but going to do focus xt/vaso6/glycophase- @sns8778 how should I dose this?
Hey, really sorry for my delayed reply. I haven't been able to get on here lately.

I love the Focus XT/VASO6/GlycoPhase stack.

Focus XT and VASO6 are part of my day to day life and I'm trying to recomp now and put back on some muscle and lose some fat so I'm using GlycoPhase for that. The stack of GlycoPhase and VASO6 has produced some comical pump instances like in one case my arms being so pumped from an arm workout that I couldn't move them in a way to get my laptop bag over my shoulder afterwards.

As far as stacking, I use Focus XT daily but on workout days I usually use a scoop about 30 to 45 minutes before my workout.

I use VASO6 daily but on workout days take it with my Focus XT pre-workout.

GlycoPhase I used before my 2 most carb heavy meals. Also, for intense workouts I use Cluster Dextrin pre-workout and do ones of my doses of GlycoPhase before that; I can make an argument for or against that, just saying it works for me. But keep in mind that taking it in proximity with VASO6 may result in some really super insane pumps.