Help me out guys!!!

  1. Unhappy Help me out guys!!!

    My friend is 18 years old. He is striving to play D-I football. He is about 5'10'', 180. He is a cornerback/safety. He is in a situation where he is not able to eat a lot of food - including virtually no protein. I bought him some prolab N'Large II to help him bulk up. I told him to just take one serving right after he lifts. He benches 225 lbs about 7 times. His goal is to get up to 13-14 times. But he won't take the N'Large II. He thinks it is going to harm him. He also thinks protein supplements might be banned someday. He's an idiot, I know. I need a few of you guys to tell him that he can't get stronger if he has no protein intake and also that it is perfectly safe to take. He no longer listens to me. HELP ME!!!!!!

  2. Let him figure it out. He will see that he will not get bigger or stronger and not play football.. Talk to ya
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  3. 5'10 180 why the hell is he wanting to bulk up?? If he plays corner, he'll get smoked, maybe 5lbs or so to play safety, but I have no clue why hes wanting to gains weight, especially on a sugar filled 'weight gainer'

  4. I kind of agree with curt...

    He not eat---> he lose strength/size--->he not play football

    bleh...tell that guy to eat real foods (chicken, tuna, steak, etc.)
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  5. rather, tell him meats, fish, eggs, dairy products all have excess protein, and these too could harm him... see what happens



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