Shoulder Injury

  1. Shoulder Injury

    Sorry to bother you guys with me but i had a shoulder injury before and I'm currently supplementing with glucosamine and MSM, are there any studies out there that you guys have , where it says what kind of things you can take ( supplement wise) to heal the shoulder area faster? thanks.

  2. I will try, although I am not quite as knowledgeable as some others here. First, do you take Flax Oil? If not, then add it. Also, do you take a multi vitamin? Extra vit C and/or E helps, so I have read. Keep taking the MSM and Glucosamine. The main thing is to be careful with it for a while.

    By the way, what type of injury was it? Rotator?

  3. Raul, I have had very good success with my own blend. Check out the link below. I will be posting an update in the near future.

  4. Thanks for the thread bow really loved it

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