Trimax lethargy, energy supp to help?

  1. Trimax lethargy, energy supp to help?

    I'm not a big fan of EC because it tends to give me the jitters and I crash HARD.

    Can anybody recommend an energy supp that boosts energy that's safe on Trimax? I've seen good things about AMP.

  2. AMP works great, but you should only does a max of 3-4 times week.

    Recomendations for non-Amp days would be Chocamine, Yohimbine or ALCAR.

  3. Could also try some liquid B vitamins or Redline

  4. yes, i heard redline is a GREAT energy booster...and thats what your looking for i'd go with that. AMP is much different, and a different kind of energy. Personally i dont like it too much, but thats me.

  5. I'm looking for long lasting energy, not just pre-workout. Something that will, or can, basically wake me up and doesn't make me freak out. Never used Chocomine, but looks like many people say it works great. Like I said, don't need that rush but a little bit of constant boost to get me through a 4-5 week Trimax cycle. Trimax basically makes you feel a little groggy all day.



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