molecular nutrition ebay

  1. molecular nutrition ebay

    fellas, found a "potential" greast find on ebay. here's the link and supps up for bid.

    Have all the supplements you ever needed for bodybuilding. Get big and stay fit with Molecular Products. A leader in the sport supplement industry. This package includes many different types of sports for all your bodybuilding needs. 1. 3-bottles of boldione (Molecular's #1 selling product) 2. 12-bottles of 4-Ad 3. 5-bottles of formastat ( anti-estrogen) 4. 5-bottles of 1-T ethergels (Great for getting ripped) 6. 4-2lbs jugs of 50% milcellar casein 50% whey protein with 7 hour release time. 7. 4-500 grams pure pharmaceutical grade micronized L-Glutamine. Get the results that matter with the leader in the sport supplement business

    Only reason i aint going for it is....shid, when am i gonna go through 12 bottles of 4ad and all them 1-T and boldione. If anyone of you guys do bid and win out....remember the dude that helped you out (ha) and sell me some for cheap huh. Sage.....

  2. just hit it sage..thanx for the heads up

  3. i hate people who have reserves

  4. lol pogue

  5. what's the reserve bid?

  6. ok his reserve is 875..he says the retail is 1500...thats too rich for my blood

  7. that reserve is rediculous, who is gonna pay that, oh wait some skinny dumbass who has no idea about bodybuilding prolly will.


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