1. Ashwagandha/KSM-66/Sensoril

    Iím trying to figure out the best way to use ashwagandha for its different forms and potential usages. Ksm-66 handles my anxiety pretty well, but Iím pretty sure it doesnít have the same anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory effect that whole herb extract has (like Olympus Labs extract for example). Does the Sensoril extract have those benefits?

    The problem with OLís is its too sedating/relaxing for daytime usage. So, could I use 300mg ksm-66 (or even 600mg) in the morning and OLís extract only at night? What dosage of each would be optimal without overdoing it? Is anyone else doing it this way?


  2. Thanks, but that article didn’t specifically address the questions I had regarding inflammation and whatnot.

  3. The write ups and reviews on KSM66 and Sensoril on Will give you 90 percent of the info you need.

  4. The rest can be found on the websites of the companies that patented each high extraction process.



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