Quick Clen halflife question

  1. Quick Clen halflife question

    I took my first dose of Clen at 50mcgs at about 6pm today. Felt a little trembling (if i can even call it that) in the left hand, but nothing else...other than a ****-load of energy. Was planning on bumping up the dosage, but want to take Clen earlier in the morning...

    I am asking whether the bump up in time plus the bumping up of the dosage will be too much considering the halflife of the Clen?I wouldn't think a couple hours earlier or so would make too much of a difference in the amount in my system since the halflife is so long anyways.

    Oh quick question, where in your system is Clen absorbed? Deep in intestine or earlier on? Was curious whether taking it on a full stomach or an empty one would matter?

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