ethyl ester dangerous?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by foo.c
    I'm no chemist, but what does this have to do with CEE? You can get 190 proof (9 5%) ethanol without adding benzene.
    I think they use benzene to get the water out of it

  2. Quote Originally Posted by skull
    I think they use benzene to get the water out of it
    To make CEE you use 200 proof anhydrous ethanol, creatine and purge with HCl gas
    (this is the easiet way). The CEE precipiates as HCl salt and is wash with EtOH and dried.
    They do not add benzene to the acutal reaction. And if food grade ethanol is used benzene
    is not an issue.

    And besides, using benzene to make 200 proof EtOH is not employed as much you think.
    Companies use other techniques due to the regulation of benzene (at least in the states).



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