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    Hi guys,

    after having read all the good reviews on this supplement i have decided to try it after finishing my HMB trial. I have read the label and it says 8 caps before working out; has anyone tried to get 4 caps before and 4 caps after the work out instead? and did it work?

    How much weight gain should I expect from 6 weeks on this supplement?


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  2. After six weeks you will be HUGE!!!!!

    Seriously, this isn't a magic pill that will pack on muscle, your gains will center around how well your diet and traning are laid out. I use CET mainly because for me at least it offers a bit of an energy boost pre-workout, and maybe somewhat better pumps.


  3. sorry mate; you state the obvious and you do not answer my questions

    have you tried 4 before and 4 after ? How much weight did you gain? obviously all the factors (training and diet) should be good.

  4. I think he did answer your question. First, why would you use 4 before and 4 after? This is designed to be a pre-workout supp, with some slight stims included. Also results are so variable that you shouldnt "expect" anything from this. I'm sure you could read other peoples logs to get a good feel, other than that, I don't know what to tell you.
    Also, I have never personally used the CET so I cant give you my experiences. From betaine HCL/CEE and taurine I usually put on about 4-5lbs in the first week. Less than monohydrate (less bloat) but still get cell voluminization. From there, it all depends on whether your bulking or cutting etc.

  5. Sorry, let me apply a more precise rectal algorithm, (pulls answer from ass), You should gain approximately 7.46213841352135135352138 pounds in six weeks use at a dosing a 4 pre and 4 post workout.



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