Clen-derm question ?

  1. Clen-derm question ?

    Read several threads to this combo and just curious. The only question I have is, Liquid clen added to teh Lipo-derm or do you take the Clen oral while using the lipo topically..... Also I have seen to add CAP (what does that stand for?)... Looking to cut some of my chest fat and oblique fat and just need some response to get this started...

    Any help would be great

  2. you can take it orally or transdermally. It's more potent (overall) orally but it's also systemwide--it's weaker transdermally but it's also local so probably in the long run it's more potently lipolytic on the application spot.

    CAP = capsaicin, a chili-pepper alkaloid and vanilloid receptor 1 (VR1) agonist.

    It's available in a lot of OTC arthritis creams. You apply it before applying Lipoderm--the combination causes adipocyte insulin resistance.

  3. lipo-clen didnt do anything for me

  4. Looks like you should have went with Clen-Derm, instead.....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Par Deus
    Looks like you should have went with Clen-Derm, instead.....
    didnt realize there was a difference

  6. There isn't. It was a joke.


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