4 - 6 Weeks Left How to Stack These to Finish Off?

  1. 4 - 6 Weeks Left How to Stack These to Finish Off?

    Hey guys, I've now got 4 to 6 weeks left in my fat loss phase and then into a lean bulk phase - before I start is it ok to start a lean bulk straight after leaning out?

    What I'd like to get some suggestions with is - I have a few unopened supps in my cupboard which I thought might help with the last few weeks of my fat loss phase and these are
    OL Ignite

    I've only been taking bloodshr3d raw for the past 4 weeks (and have another tub) and I finished a bottle of ignite 4 weeks ago.

    So would love to get some ideas on WHICH ones to stack and HOW would you take them throughout the day

  2. Take them all and get freaking YUUUGE in 30 days.

  3. As for going straight into lean bulk, I’d recommend never doing that. Reverse diet your calories back up to where you can hold weight for a week or 2, THEN introduce your surplus

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