anavite - 1-androstenedione USADA Ban Question??

  1. Exclamation anavite - 1-androstenedione USADA Ban Question??


    Please can anyone shed any light on the topic that Gaspari Anavite has been found to contain 1-androstenedione and been added to the 'High Risk' category by USADA..!!

    Tested April 2017:

    "At the same time a supplement from notorious supplement company Gaspari Nutrition was added to the USADA high-risk list. Batch testing of a particular batch had showed the presence of 1-androstenedione"

    This can be found if you search on google. I heard a competitive athlete was suspended for using this 'Multivitamin'...

    Just a bit worried about this statement, please can anyone let me know if it is in fact safe or not to take as it has been my go to Multi for a while now..

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I thought my gains were from creatine..

  3. Do you feel like you're "on cycle" when you're taking it?

    Idk, I feels like it's a lot of athletes that fail a test and then says it's a tainted supplement, wouldn't surprise me if they have their "own mix" put in those bottles and if they tested a bunch of other bottles it would not contain said ingredients. I'm not saying it do or don't contain said ingredients, just that it seems a little convenient that a multi (of all things) should contain banned ingredients...

    You've probably nothing to worry about.

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