lean system 7

  1. lean system 7

    is lean system 7 the same as lean xtreme


  2. damn....is there any product that is like lean xtreme besides lean xtreme?

  3. Avant's oral absolved will have 7-OH. ALRI's Impact Ultra has 7-OH.

  4. what else lowers cortisol besides Lean Xtreme and phosphatidylserine and all the rest of those phosphatidyl's

  5. I thought LX was "patent pending," therefore no one else is selling it under another name.

  6. phosphatidyl serine complex so that does the exact same thing Lean Xtreme does? so if you used phosphatidyl serine complex you would get the same benefits for PCT? cuz that stuff is cheap like 7 bucks.

  7. lx is much better than phosphatidylserine


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