Ostarine 5MG/Day Vs. LGD4033 1 MG a Day; Which is Better?

  1. Ostarine 5MG/Day Vs. LGD4033 1 MG a Day; Which is Better?

    I've found a lab in China that can produce SARMS legally and supposedly 99% purely.

    I'm thinking of either 5mg a day Ostarine or 1mg a day LGD.

    1. My main concern is safety. I want to use these compounds for at least three months, maybe six months.

    I worry most about mood swings or permanent damage such as fertility. Does anyone have any evidence either way?

    2. My goal is not to bulk, rather just to do a lot of cardio and not lose muscle. I've been injured, so I merely want to regain the muscle I once had.

    3. If I were to take them together, would it have a different result, or more bad side effects?

    4. If I keep the dose low, what is the longest time I could run this?

    5. With Ostarine, does the result become suppressive because the body is shutting down it's own production, or simply because it does not need such high cirriculating levels to get results? That way, it's making itself more efficient.


  2. I wouldnít use either, serms like that havenít been around long enough so if your main concern is safety then donít do it. Nobody knows the long term effects of these drugs and the short term ones are pretty scary so I wouldnít want to imagine the long term ones

  3. Google -> PubMed -> MK-2866/Gtx-024 and LGD-4033. Then you'll know all we know. Also search the Anabolic forum - there are eleventy tribillion SARM posts, including a HYOOGE FAQ/Q&A by yates84. In the Mfg forum, OL UK does good writeups on the anabolics - look for the ones on Legend and whatever the Ostarine was called. "Safety" and canceled/experimental drugs are tough to use in the same sentence.

  4. If your goal is just to preserve muscle, then use Ostarine. That's about the only thing it's good for.

  5. You say regain muscle you once had. Thats not going to happen on either of those doses

  6. A chemistry company in China just offered me a few grams of free (and supposedly pure) Ostarine. It is legal to produce, consume, and trade in this country.

    1. What are the dangers of consuming such a deal?

    a. Could it potentially be tainted with lead?
    b. Could it potentially be a dangerous compound, such as DNP, that could kill me?

    2. Even if it was the real stuff, and pure, how do people separate one gram of powder into a standard, usable amount?

  7. OP, youre overcomplicating this.

    Either you decide to take on the risk (buying and ingesting etc), or not. No-one here can hold your hand and quantify it for you.

    If youre deadset on "longterm" use, research oxandrolone as an alternative to SARMs. It has much more extensive studies done, will do want youre wanting of it, and 10mg per day should be sufficient (but thats pharmagrade, so again your risk your decisions).

    If youre deadset on SARMs, given what you are wanting from them, its highly likely your best bet is LGD at 8mg minimum for 3 months maximum. But, heavy suppression, fukt lipids, lethargy, etc.

  8. You canít have your cake and eat it too...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigdavid View Post
    You can’t have your cake and eat it too...
    Thats right.

    I dont see why he cant accomplish what he wants, naturally.

    But, drugs. And Id be a hypocrite to judge there.

  10. OP if you want to take something for injury recovery and to get back to your previous level of fitness Iíd recommend mk-677. It doesnít suppress any hormone levels and has been shown to increase GH/igf-1 even after a year of continuous use. I think that would be a better route if you are afraid of infertility and other sides from AAS/SARMS

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Nac View Post
    Thats right.

    I dont see why he cant accomplish what he wants, naturally.

    But, drugs. And Id be a hypocrite to judge there.
    I agree, especially with the strong sense of paranoia coming from OP. With correct nutrition, diet and training his goals/objectives are easily obtained.

    But I am also in the same boat as NAC, love the not so natty stuff...

  12. Why not take a prohormone to maybe put on 1-2 lbs and LOSE fat as well? Any reasons?


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