Propionyl L -Carnitine HCL

  1. Propionyl L -Carnitine HCL

    Is this better then ALCAR?

  2. i definitely think so

  3. the way that Mike (owner of store selling it now) is explaining it is that PLCAR works like AlCAR except it has more of an effect on muscles than the mind. Not that it is too expensive but I for one would wait this one out a little bit ans see what happens. Lots of. Avant forums has alot of talk and some people reviewing.

  4. i got 10 g from mike, unfortunately 10 g isnt enough to differentiate it from much, but the effects on my mind were basically the same as alcar

  5. From the way D Sade talks about it, it seems like it's supposed to have better fat loss effects than ALCAR. I second Bigfishy and say wait a little while for the price to drop, but it has definitely caught my eye.

  6. I ordered some from BN the other day...I'll follow up after I give it a try....

  7. I'll likely run another test, but next time with 100g for 10 testers.
  8. No Big Deal So Far, fer me, anyway.

    Took 'bout 1 tsp (probably 'bout 1 to 1.5 grams) 'bout 45" pre AM workout on empty stomach.

    Didn't really notice anything unusual at all AFAICT.

    Maybe I'll up the dose for the next test run.

  9. "Nootropically" I had good results with ALC-arginate at only 500 mg per day. Gives better alertness and mood than ALCAR IMO. I'd like to see more vendors carry this form of ALCAR as well.


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