blood tests for UA?

  1. blood tests for UA?

    i was curious about going and gettin a blood test to check my liver values. im takin UA now and ive heard all the crap about its liver toxicity. personally i dont believe it, but id like to check into it. i would like to take a test when im off my cycle of UA, then take a test after im on UA for 2 weeks and see how the results differ. ive never had one of these tests done, so im just wondering if i could go and request one being done, or if i needed a condition before they would run one and also how much this all would cost? i go to school at wvu and we have a health care system for students that all we have to pay is a 5 buck cofee, so im hoping they would be able to run the test for me.

  2. well the insurance should cover it..and just tell the doc what you are doing and why you are doing it....thats what I would do.
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  3. ok cool. yeah im just doing this to get some hard data to see whether my liver is affected at all.

  4. Just tell them you would like some blood work done, kind of like a checkup or physical. Find out what is including in their normal blood testing and then make sure to have them check your liver enzyme levels, etc.

  5. ok thnkx, i think ill just tell them ive read some stuff about supplements im taking causing liver dmg and just wanted a check up. they should go ahead and do it, its not like UA is illegal or anything

  6. Most doctors aren't fans of supplements. They'd rather you spend a ****load of money on prescription drugs . Either way you put it, they won't refuse someone interested in checking on their health lol...but if you want to say yourself a lecture on how supplements are so awful for you, then you might consider stating it to them different hahah.



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