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  1. AMP ergopharm

    I know there is a thread going in nutaplanets forum but i thought i would start one in the supps section for feedback as well. I just got my bottle yesterday and decided to pop 4 today just to check this stuff out around the house (can't workout due to recent surgery). Jesus man, about one hour in and i feel like i popped a 10mg adderal, no kidding. I'm a little dissapointed that i can't workout, but I did clean my house, the dished, the laundry, payed bills, spayed for weeds, called my ex-girlfriends, and cured cancer. This stuff is crazy and i can't help but consider what would ensue if i threw in 600mg of sulbutiamine. Big thumbs up!

  2. Its great, used for the first time today, TONS of energy and focus for long lasting hours.
    My legs are REAL sore because they started burning even before i made any endurance effort.
    Thumbs up. ===b

  3. got a sample of it, popped all 4 of them pre work out.....didnt notice anything
  4. darius
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    I'm reading over at that you have to take them a couple hours before you workout. Also, you have to be doing some strenuous exercise or mental work to feel it. Also for some people, they have to take it for a few days before they feel anything.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by darius
    Also for some people, they have to take it for a few days before they feel anything.
    I thought Patrick Arnold recommended that it be used no more than 3 times a week though

  6. I read the same. PA recommended 3x a week as to avoid developing a tolerance to the formula.
  7. darius
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuntdawg
    I read the same. PA recommended 3x a week as to avoid developing a tolerance to the formula.
    True, but i think you have to take it like 3 days (for certain non-responders) to "kick it in" or something. Don't quote me tho. Not 100% sure.

  8. Ok i took 3 pills for first time pre-workout today.

    30 min after taking it, my heart was speading, and i got little bit shainess. I didnt like that feeling, because it made workout little bit difficult. I was extremly thirsty, i dont know if AMP caused that, but i drank 2 gallons of water or so in 2 hours!! After a while the shakiness went away and i got some smooth energy. Cardio seemed muc easier with AMP i was able to do my cardio without being tired as usual. I also felt my body temp was slitley raised, and i was sweating alot, more than usual.

  9. I've taken it 5 times (each at least with a day "off") and had 5 very different experiences, but mostly good. Only negatives have been occasional jitters and "hypoglycemic" feeling.
  10. darius
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    Can't wait to get mine, should be somewhere on dsl transit.

  11. AMP is about the best pre-workout energy supplement I have ever taken (second only to intra-nasal yhcl).
  12. darius
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    Man I want my amp now. I'll post up on here tomorrow how it went. Going to jiu jitsu tomorrow and my amp should come tomorrow (before bjj i hope).

  13. AMP - good preworkout supplement. I was wainting for this stuff since reading about the samples. Great energy and focus without feeling overjacked! Post workout I don't feel scorched and burned out like with other pre-workout supplements. I've been using for about 2 weeks now.

  14. The one thing that i have noticed is that the chocamine kicks in in about a half hour yet the Geranamine doesn't realy kick until about an hour to hour +30. I would take this an hour before workouts.
  15. darius
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    Did the brazilian jiu jitsu today. It worked pretty well. I'm going to wait a few days before I say if it was worth it or not, but so far me likey. I definitely felt different after a hard roll on the mat. I felt "warm" and "mildy stimulated". Like there was this minor warm glow that was coming out of me. I could feel it in my upper body and from within my face. My brain felt pretty clear during the roll time. On the mat I did get tired, but then again there was no a/c and it is like 90 degrees here in Texas, plus the thick gi jacket. I thought I did pretty well with my breathing (a big part of bjj or any martial arts for those who don't know). I also stayed till about 2:45pm rolling whenever I usually head out at 2pm (starts at 12:30pm), rolling continuously till the end.

    I took 2 capsules about an hour before I went for the bjj, like 11:30am, ate a nice brown rice/chicken breast meal, then 2 more at 12pm right before I left. Didn't feel a damn thing until I started getting heated up. Right now though, its 3pm, 3.5 hours from the 1st dose, and 3 hours from the 2nd dose, and I feel awesome. My brain feels like its on a good size dose of a benzo or like 1mg of xanax, except this is lasting way longer than the benzo/xanax feel. I'm pretty impressed. I'm going to take this again on a non workout day to see if the nice brain feely effects come about or if it has to be activated by some strenuous activity (I bought this for nothing else but preworkout stim, just experimenthing however).

    With a very small dose of ephedrine, this could be the best pre workout stimulant out there.

    *Update - It's 4:30 and about to head to work. My brain feels so awesome. Very noticible effects. I'm surprised it can feel like this from a legal supp.


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