How Long can mixed protein and water be kept before it goes rancid

  1. How Long can mixed protein and water be kept before it goes rancid

    To save time, I was wondering if I could mix my protein in the morning and then maybe keep it in the frig throughout the day. I don't know how long it would be good however. I plan on mixing hot water(not very much 4oz for 60g of protein) and milk protein isolate. Once this cools it takes on a solid cookie like formation that is easy to consume. However I don't know how long it would take before this would go bad. How long could I store it in the frig. I would assume that this hot water would also speed up the process of oxidation. I could vaccum seal each serving if neccesary.
    I know this might seem like alot of work, but I think it will save me alot of time in the long run. Just trying to make things as effecient as possible

  2. how is vaccuum sealing and all that you mentioned quicker than putting two scoops of protein in a shaker bottle, sticking it in your bag, then later at work putting some water in there and drinking it?

  3. It's one thing when it's burried a couple of pages deep... but when it's on the same page there is no excuse...

    Any harm in whey sitting in water?

  4. I've heard they recently added a new technological device to this site that lets you look through previous messages by entering key words or user names.

  5. My main concern was the effect that hot water (1min 30 sec in mic) who have on the protein. I have heard differnt schools of thought on this, however was not able to come to a conclusive finding.



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