Sam-e liver support

  1. Sam-e liver support

    While taking superdrol I am considering using this supplement. I have read multiple articles claiming this is the best for liver support. Has anyone tried it, and know of any pros and cons of this supplement.

  2. Never heard of it being used for that. It's mainly used for depression.****250

  3. It's also good for the liver. It's just not used as often due to the expense.

  4. Good for the joints too

  5. NAC, milk thisle, Sesathin, also good for liver.

  6. AS far as Liver protection goes one can not do better than Sam-E, I have read some logs where the sam-e worked too well at clearing the liver and gains while on cycle were greatly diminished. Run sam-e before and after a cycle and use NAC on cycle. Stay away from milk thistle as it may interfere with gains.


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